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Nordmann Fir Danish Christmas Trees

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Of the many types of fir trees traditionally used, the Nordmann Fir is truly the Royalty of firs. The "perfect tree" has been grown commercially since 1960 and today over 8 million Nordmann First are produced annually in Denmark, the largest producer in Europe.


Responsibly GROWN Christmas Trees

The Royal Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) Christmas trees sent to Hong Kong from Denmark have been specially selected for their shape and quality, carefully packed to arrive in top condition in November, in good time before Christmas.

As a Stripe Climate Member, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal.


We arrange everything from delivery to assembly in your home or office. Our Royal Fir trees also comes with tree stand that holds water to keep the trees fresh for longer.


Our trees are grown according to strict Danish environmental laws, in a sustainable eco-system, ensuring protection of our environment and preservation of nature. No forests are damaged.

Real Natural Trees

Our Royal Fir is of the Nordmann variety and is specially selected for the even cone shape; lush, dark green color; and soft-to-the-touch, long-lasting needles.

People are saying

Family in Pok Fu Lam

Verified Customer / 2020

Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for such a beautiful tree!!! You have made Christmas for me and my family (kids especially) extra extra special!

Family in SAI Kung

Verified Customer / 2020

We had the pleasure of being a customer last year for Christmas. The trees are the “real” Christmas trees and it made our Christmas very authentic. The tree stood beautifully in our living room for over 3 weeks up to Christmas Eve, and didn’t fade. Apart from a beautiful tree we received excellent customer service. Smooth delivery and installation arrangement. We will most certainly buy a Christmas tree from them again this year 🎄

Family in Discovery Bay

Verified Customer / 2020

It must be the best Christmas Trees in Hong Kong, it was with great joy for the whole family to receive such nice shape and quality from Royal Fir. Our friends were equally happy for theirs and the Royal Fir’s service! We will be back for next year! Our beautiful tree was admired by all our guests and just made our Christmas very special and our kids enjoyed decorating and the smell of the tree.
Can only recommend Royal Fir!

Family in PAT HEUNG

Verified Customer / Since 2005

Being a Dane, getting a real Danish origin Christmas three, is like have a piece of Danish tradition in my home. In addition the quality and  freshness of the trees are amazing owing to professional and experienced care by the Royal Fir team. I have consistently enjoyed their supply for over 15 years and would highly recommend their fresh nice trees, dedicated customer attention and delivery. Christmas would not be the same without, unless it was in Denmark.

Family in Causeway Bay

Verified Customer / Since 2005

WE LOVE OUR TREE! and so did everyone else, who visited us during Christmas. It was with delightedness to receive such a beautiful shaped tree. The kids were so excited to decorate the tree and put lights on and became the centrepiece of our living room. Also worth to mention its top quality and our tree lasted throughout the whole December. We couldn’t be more pleased with Royal Fir’s service, we will definitely be back next year!

The Royal Fir

Nordmann Fir

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